About Us

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  The concept for Tote-ally Local started during COVID quarantine when I felt so far away from loved ones and wanted a way to let them know I cared for them during difficult or celebratory times in their lives. Concurrently, I felt a desire to support the local businesses which were hit hard when retail foot traffic stopped so suddenly. When I looked at other gifting sources I often felt my budget wasn't sufficient or the gifts seemed to lack personality I was looking for. I decided to start a gifting business which supported local businesses, was budget friendly, and came in a tote bag instead of a box or basket because I never got much use out of a wooden box or basket in comparison to my tote bags that I utilize on a daily basis. 

    I live in Atlanta Georgia with my supportive Husband, two young sons, and two rescue dogs. Researching and spreading love for these local businesses has been my favorite part of this adventure so far.  

~Andrea Hill (Owner)